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Galenika, Defrinol forte - when it truly matters


Effie Awards – Bronze Award

Defrinol Forte marked Galenika pharmaceutical’s first campaign in many decades of communication silence. Within the competitive cold and flu category, it was a challenge to gain share of voice and market share against well-established brands with high awareness. Our strategic approach focused on identifying key unique selling propositions (USPs) and showcasing the benefits of Defrinol Forte in crucial life situations. By integrating Serbian cultural archetypes, such as weddings and trumpet orchestras, we aimed to differentiate from foreign ads commonly seen in the cough and flu market.
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The campaign used following formats: TVC commercials (TVC), out-of-home (OOH) advertising, radio, and digital channels. Sales surpassed business targets, resulting in a 7% increase in market share units. The campaign’s effectiveness outperformed Fervex, establishing Defrinol Forte as the number one brand in the cold and flu category. IMS Health recognized the campaign as the most successful OTC (over-the-counter) campaign for 2019.