About us

We are WORLDWIDE.EXECUTIVE GROUP, an award-winning full-service marketing agency based in Southeastern Europe, at the confluence of cultures and different influences.

WORLDWIDE.EXECUTIVE GROUP serves as an arm of the Executive Group agency for international clients and accounts. We are here to partner with our clients, to build their brands and grow their businesses. Everything we do is strongly rooted in strategy. We integrate ideas and channels into powerful campaigns to create new value for our clients and turn their customers into lifetime aficionados. Our work is the mélange of art and science, quantitative and qualitative, strategic and creative, digital and analog.

In the rapidly changing and ever more complex world, our experts take particular effort to diligently understand the client’s business context, values, people, and audiences in order to create opportunities and solutions no matter the challenge. As a long-term, trusted partner of some of the leading global corporations, we always provide a perfect, personalized blend of services that fit their specific needs, be it brand strategy, creative advertising, or digital.