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Banca Intesa - When it comes to your bank, there's no dilemma


Effie Awards – Effie Finalist

Banca Intesa is the leader in the banking category, and therefore, it is crucial to celebrate its top position in the market while maintaining a humane and close connection with the people. The challenge for the assignment was to incorporate Banca Intesa's global concept "Joyful Dilemma" with a fresh perspective and a new storytelling twist.

We selected the world-famous violinist Stefan Milenkovic to narrate the story of Banca Intesa’s enhanced services and digital banking through the lens of the joyful dilemma. The narrative revolves around embracing dilemmas as they are friendly, effortless, and delightful – regardless of the choice, there is no wrong decision. Consequently, we observe Stefan encountering various dilemmas related to his music and performances.

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However, when Stefan enters the bank, he is decisive about his financial matters and can confidently say “Yes” to both options. This new narrative leads us to the campaign slogan “When it comes to your bank, there’s no dilemma.”

Banca Intesa has preserved and strengthened its leadership position with a 59% increase in new clients and a 31.26% growth in cash loans. Additionally, it has secured the first place in terms of reputation. Moreover, Banca Intesa has maintained its number 1 position in brand awareness and experienced a 1% growth in January ’23, immediately following the campaign.