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Effie Awards – Silver Award
Kaktus Awards – Best PR, Best Event

The A1 Cinematheque project aims to preserve and protect some of the most renowned Yugoslav cinematography titles, which have been declared as nationally significant cultural assets. A1 (formerly Vip mobile) initiated this project in collaboration with the Yugoslav film archive, recognizing the need for digital restoration to safeguard the film heritage for future generations. The project’s first phase began in December 2017, focusing on the digital restoration of 10 selected movies. The positive reactions from both the public and experts led to an extension of the project in 2019, encompassing a second phase with an additional 10 movies. The project further continued into a third phase, with 10 more movies set to be restored during 2021 and 2022. Some of the movies restored so far include “Balkan Spy,” “Strangler vs. Strangler,” “Special Treatment,” “Who’s Singin’ Over There,” “National Class,” “Hey Babu Riba,” and more.

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The results of the project were remarkable, with over 1,500 media announcements and a 44.8% increase in corporate announcements in 2018 compared to 2017 (1645 reports in 2018 and 1136 in 2017). This increase can be attributed to the excellent publicity generated by the A1 Cinematheque project, and the trend continued throughout 2019 and 2020. On social media, the project achieved an average reach of 174,000 and 560 shares.